Clock and data recovery

9.95 - 11.3 Gb/s Limiting Amplifier plus Clock and


The GN2003S is a second generation Limiting Amplifier plus CDR device. This device features Gennum's ClearEdge™ technology offering best-in-class eye quality.
Key improvements from the first generation device include significant reduction in power consumption, increased Input Jitter Tolerance and reduced Jitter Peaking.
The on-chip Limiting Amplifier offers best-in-class SRS performance, eliminating the need for a stand-alone Limiting Amplifier in optical modules.
The SRS performance combined with excellent IJT and low power consumption makes this device suitable as a high performance Limiting Amplifier with CDR for XFP, X2, XPAK, XENPAK and 300-pin Transceiver Modules.
Together with Gennum's line of 10Gb/s TIAs, excellent Stressed Eye Sensitivity performance is achieved at the module level.
The GN2003S device is packaged in a small outline 4mm × 4mm 24-pin, high-frequency QFN, lead-free and green package with exposed pad.

Key Applications

9.95 - 11.3 Gb/s Optical XFP Transceiver Modules
SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64 XFP and 300-pin Transceiver Modules
10.3/11.1 Gb/s Ethernet XFP, X2, XPAK and XENPAK Transceiver Modules
10.5/11.3 Gb/s Fibre Channel XFP Transceiver Modules

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