Limiting Amplifiers

11.3 Gbps DFB/FP Laser Driver


The GN1153B and GN1153C are low power 11.3 Gbps laser and modulator drivers for optical fiber transceiver applications.

They are suitable to drive Fabry-Perot (FP) and Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diodes. Both devices offer identical functionality, though the GN1153C is optimized to deliver improved performance at the high bit rates.

Both devices use a single 3.3V supply (optional 5V output stage).The inputs are designed to be AC-coupled, and have internal 100 ohms differential terminations. The output is internally terminated with 25 ohms. External pull-up inductors may be used on the outputs to provide adequate head room, to allow large signal swings from a 3.3V supply. The devices have control inputs for laser output power, extinction ratio (ER) and output crossing point adjustments. Additional control pins are available to further optimize the output eye.

Key Applications

This DFB/FP laser driver is designed to meet the needs of Xenpak, X2, XFP or SFP+ optical fiber transceiver applications, including:
9.95 Gbps OC-192 and 10.7 Gbps OC-192 with Forward Error Correction (FEC)
10.3 Gbps Ethernet
10.52 Gbps Fiber Channel (FC)
11.1 Gbps Ethernet over SONET
11.3 Gbps FC with FEC


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