Asyc.Fast SRAM
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  The S6R1016(V/C/W)1A and S6R1008(V/C/W)1A is a 1,048,576-bit high-speed Static Random Access Memory organized as 64K(128k) words by 16(8) bits. The S6R1016(V/C/ W)1A and S6R1008(V/C/W)1A use 16(8) common input and output lines and have an output enable pin which operates faster than address access time at read cycle. And S6R1016(V/ C/W)1A allows that lower and upper byte access by data byte control(UB, LB). The device is fabricated using advanced CMOS process,6-TR based cell technology and designed for high-speed circuit technology. It is particularly well suited for use in high-density high-speed system applications. The S6R1016(V/C/W)1A is packaged in industry standard 400mil 44-pin TSOP2 and 48FBGA. The S6R1008(V/C/W)1A is packaged in industry standard 32sTSOP1 and 48FBGA.

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