270Mb/s Deserializer for SDI and DVB-ASI with Integrated Cable Equalizer


The GS9091B is a 270Mb/s equalizing and reclocking deserializer with an internal FIFO. It provides a complete receive solution for SD-SDI and DVB-ASI applications.

In addition to equalizing, reclocking and deserializing the input data stream, the GS9091B performs NRZI -to-NRZ decoding, descrambling as per SMPTE 259M-C, and word alignment when operating in SMPTE mode. When operating in DVB-ASI mode, the device will word align the data to K28.5 sync characters and 8b/10b decode the received stream.

The integrated equalizer is optimized for 270Mb/s and can typically equalize up to 500m of Belden 1694A cable. Both the equalizer and the internal reclocker are fully compatible with both SMPTE and DVB-ASI input streams.

The GS9091B includes a range of data processing functions such as EDH support (error detection and handling), and automatic standards detection. The device can also detect and extract SMPTE 352M payload identifier packets and independently identify the received video standard. This information is read from internal registers via the host interface port.

The GS9091B also incorporates a video line-based FIFO. This FIFO may be used in four user-selectable modes to carry out tasks such as data alignment / delay, clock phase interchange, MPEG packet extraction and clock rate interchange, and ancillary data packet extraction.

Parallel data outputs are provided in 10-bit multiplexed format, with the associated parallel clock output signal operating at 27MHz.

The device may also be used in a low-latency data pass through mode where only descrambling and word alignment will be performed in SMPTE mode.

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