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Limiting Amplifier Plus CDR


The GN1113 is a receive path Limiting Amplifier plus CDR device. This device features Gennum's ClearEdge™ technology offering best-in-class input jitter tolerance and output eye quality.

The on-chip Limiting Amplifier offers best-in-class SRS performance, eliminating the need for a stand-alone Limiting Amplifier in optical modules. The integrated CDR resets the jitter budget, relieving system and module vendors from RX jitter budget concerns. Furthermore, the quality of the eye at the output of the SFP+ module is enhanced through the Connector Compensation feature. The GN1113 device is packaged in a small outline 4mm × 4mm 24-pin, high-frequency QFN, lead-free and green package with exposed pad.

Key Applications

8.5 Gbps Fibre Channel SFP+ Transceiver Modules

8.5 Gbps Backplane Interconnect

8.5 Gbps Copper Interconnect


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